Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday festivities, part 1

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We started the day with birthday pancakes (complete with a candle since we didn’t have a real cake planned). This kid can down those pancakes! He also got a birthday balloon that provided some frustrating play because I didn’t have them make the string long enough.

But then we went about our usual Tuesday activities: speech therapy and music class. But we did have lunch at Chick-fil-a, always a favorite for the entire family.

My parents and brother drove down to spend the evening with the birthday boy (who didn’t wake up from his nap until 5:30). My mom bought him an oversized bear from Costco…you know, the ones I have been trying to avoid in the store every week for months now. We bought him a slide from Ikea which has turned into a large car ramp. And he also received some cars from Papa and Bubby in Texas and some trains and a train track from us. Overall, a successful birthday.


I took this video of him coming upstairs from his nap, and I just love how overwhelmed he seems by all of the people of stuff around him.

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