Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 28


I keep meaning to write about the pregnancy, but then I forget to have Chris take a picture of me when I’m actually dressed in nice clothes. And since he happened to be home before church today, this is what we got. A shadowy face, but better than the ones he took first from a lower position until I pointed out that I don’t prefer pictures from that angle because double chins are never cute. (And I’m really bad at photoshop).

Some days I feel really big, mostly because I know I am bigger this time around. And I keep trying to wear things that just don’t fit well. I finally ironed a bunch of shirts that had been sitting in a box since the last pregnancy (including the one in this picture), so I think I might have enough clothes to make it until August. But it’s highly possible that I’ll be walking around half naked all summer because I’m already sweaty and uncomfortable in the middle of May.

Baby girl is getting more and more active everyday. There were a few days a about two weeks ago that I think she must have turned her back to the outside giving me a nice respite from constant kicking, but it also made me worry that something was wrong. But then she moved again and I haven’t really slept well since. Except when I take Tylenol PM.

As of now we’re pretty sure that we will induce on August 1st, which I’m not very comfortable with, but really don’t have many other reasonable options. And that sounds so silly. But if I want Chris to be able to take the first few days off with me, it just makes more sense to schedule it. And then there’s the worry that I’ll have the baby at home because I won’t make it to the hospital in time. My doctor seems to think that this baby will come just as fast as Miles (or faster), and I’ll still be about 20 minutes away from the hospital with a toddler to try to pass off on someone. I guess it makes sense, but I just feel weird about scheduling a birth.

We’re still not even close to having a name, but that’s not much different than with Miles. We know we won’t name her until after she’s born, but we’re having a hard time agreeing on any.

For now, she’s just Baby Girl. And that’s good enough for me. For now.



Kimba said...

you look fantastic, as always! love that shirt. and woah, ironing?! you're a better woman than i. i'm currently down to like, 5 shirts and a few are barely holding on. also? i somehow managed to break the drawstring on my skirt yesterday, leaving me with like, two left. looks like church is gonna get real interesting in the next few weeks.

Jennie said...

They induced me with Mark(the first one I've done that with). The worst part was that it took all day. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. If Chris is anything like Jon, make sure he has something to do. Jon doesn't do well with waiting. He kept making comments like "Really, your only at 3, but we have been here for hours." Not helpful.