Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday festivities, part 2


Since Miles’s actual birthday was on a Tuesday, we waited until Saturday evening to get together with the entire family. The weather was perfect for a picnic at the park. And by picnic, I mean I ordered pizzas and had them delivered to the park. But it was a perfect outing for all of the cousins.

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The boys playing croquet together.


Miles tried so hard to swing the mallet (is that what they’re called?) like a big boy.

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Here are all of my sister’s adorable kids (even William with his mullet that has since been taken care of).

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And the birthday boy being his cute self.

I love having my family close enough for get-togethers, and I know Miles adores his cousins.

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Erin said...

woah! he's all grown up! happy birthday Miles!