Friday, August 17, 2012

3 weeks of Hannah

We have survived three weeks now, and I’m beginning to think we’ll make it through okay. Maybe. Chris has gone back to work, I have left the house with two children multiple times (including eating out), and the house is still standing (and mostly clean). And last night I even made a dinner with a side dish and dessert. So domestic.

Hannah continues to be a really great baby during the day and an awfully loud grunter at night. She has been sleeping in our room for a multitude of reasons, but we’re hoping to get her out really soon. Her room is now painted, we bought a second monitor, but we’re just waiting on her schedule to get a bit better. Well that’s what I’m waiting on anyway. Chris is just waiting on me. I think I’m just to tired to walk to the end of the hallway to feed her at night still.

Her biggest problem these days is just trying to keep the hiccups from shooting spit-up out her nose. It’s not a very lady-like quality, which I keep trying to tell her, but she just hasn’t figured it out yet.

Miles still really loves Hannah and is getting a bit more aggressive with his desire to show affection. While I was making dinner last night, I had left Hannah lying on the couch because newborns can’t really go anywhere, while Miles played with his cars and watched a movie. I happened to look over as he was grabbing her hand and pulling her off the couch, even after I yelled, “No!” at him multiple times. She was halfway off before I grabbed her. Needless to say she is now spending more time in her chair on the kitchen island.

Sadly, we don’t have a terrible amount of pictures to show for our three weeks, but here’s one from my photo shoot the other day in which I actually took the camera off of Auto.


I apologize for her greasy hair, but baths have been few and far between with this sweet girl. Which leads me to the next picture from tonight, at three weeks, when I figured out if I don’t comb her hair after a bath, it’s curly. But only on her Mohawk.


I don’t think her hair is this red in real life, but I was experimenting with camera settings again. But there is hope yet that this brunette will become a red head, too.

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Kimba said...

she is so pretty!! and i have been dying over that miles story! wyatt is also a little aggressive with his affection, but it's different with him being older. he tries to lean all over her and kiss her all over the place while she's in her little chair, and yesterday he dragged her in her car seat across the hall while i was grabbing my purse. thankfully she was strapped in!

also, i wish you lived closer! and not just to have taken her photos. they're fantastic! mine are crap. i should have paid someone!

and that curl!!!!!! i die!