Friday, August 24, 2012

In which Jenny learns that babies are made of rubber

Remember when I mentioned that Miles pulled Hannah halfway off of the couch last week? Well it’s gotten worse. At my mom’s house on Sunday night, I laid Hannah in her car seat after dinner because I can’t always hold her (fact: it’s just harder to stuff my face with desserts with a newborn in my arms), but I thought that leaving the car seat on the floor was just asking for trouble. So I put the car seat in an oversized chair that has a large ottoman in front of it, figuring that she would be safe off the ground and a little out of reach. Right?


My mom happened to peek her head around the corner to see that Hannah was no longer in her car seat but was instead lying on the ottoman by herself. I know she didn’t wiggle her way out of there.

So we’ve just been very careful since then. When Hannah’s chillin’ in her lamb chair, it’s on the counter. When she’s in her swing, I am always in eye sight. When I’m in the shower, she now comes into the bathroom where I can see her. Miles has tried to push her in the swing several times already.

But today, I’m not sure there was anything I could do to stop what happened.

We were in Costco where they have double-wide carts, so Miles sat in the cart with Hannah’s car seat next to him. We were on our last two minutes in the store when I stopped to look at the movies. I kid you not, I was no more than 2 feet away from the stroller when Miles did something that caused Hannah’s car seat to fall out of the cart and land on the floor, on its side. She, of course, was screaming, but appeared to be unharmed. I took her out of the seat to calm her down while several employees came over to make sure everything was okay. And while I held her, I tried to explain to Miles that he could really hurt Hannah if he touched her car seat. And how did he respond?

“Oh, no. Binkie.”

You know, because Hannah’s binkie fell on the floor when it toppled out of the car seat on the descent from the cart. No concern for how the baby was. Just the precious binkie.

I did call Chris at work to make sure Hannah would be okay and he assured me that as long as she was strapped in, she should be fine. He just said to watch her.

“For what?” I asked.

“You know, if she doesn’t wake up,” he replied.

Very helpful.

And then I called my mom who told me to write it down because someday I might find this funny. So that’s what I’m doing.

It doesn't help that I chose this morning to try on pre-pregnancy jeans.

So after I finish my Diet Coke, all three of us are taking naps. Long ones.


Tommy & Britt Schlosser said...

Posts should have 'like' buttons because that was good. Also prep for what we have to look forward to when t's little sis comes in a fews weeks.

Kimba said...

seriously, holy crap. you deserve a giant diet coke and a huge nap!!

Erin said...

so scary! I am glad that she is okay. i hope the nap helped!!