Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grandmas are great!

I dropped my mom off at the airport this morning after a week of shopping, eating, napping, and watching our new guilty pleasure, “Friday Night Lights.” As always, my mom was more than generous while she was here, but mostly we loved just spending time with her. And I’m sure she loved spending time with her grandson. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures.

The other unfortunate thing? Miles was not on his best behavior. Previous to my mom coming, Miles and I had an excellent routine going; he napped three times and day and had started to sleep through the night (like almost 12 hours). Yes, he had been trying to wake up before 7 am, but we were working through it. But after my mom got here, he started crying way more before falling asleep, and he woke up some more at night. Now, I’m not saying it’s grandma’s fault, but it was sad that she couldn’t see how great he usually is. Really, he made me look like a bad mom.

And the past two nights it has been like having a newborn all over again—waking up every  couple of hours. I’m tired all over again.


merathon said...

can't wait till YOU come to visit grandma! how's BOB treatin' ya? miss you!

Kimba said...

welcome to growth spurts! they totally blow, but at least you know they're temporary. he should be back on track soon. wy's just getting over a MONTH long one, the longest yet. they usually only lasted a week for wy up until then.

12 hours. that is insane!! you are so lucky!

Jennie said...

So funny you took a picture of your stroller and not your mom and miles together. I'm sure you were just too busy enjoying your time with her.