Monday, September 13, 2010

Richmond, how we love thee?

We traveled up to Richmond on Thursday morning for Chris to interview with a group up there; apparently we have to start the process really early.

Let me start this post by proclaiming that my child is so GREAT! Chris was convinced that the drive was going to be miserable with a baby and wanted to give him Benadryl as a preventative measure. But the non-medical parent won out, and Miles was excellent. We stopped once to feed him and give him a break from the car seat, but the rest of the time, he slept or sat contentedly.

After checking into the hotel, Chris left to go tour the hospitals and talk with important people, and Miles and I wandered the city. Our hotel was very close to just about everything.  That evening we had dinner with two of the doctors (and one wife) from the group at a restaurant built in an old tobacco warehouse—very cool. And again, Miles was excellent.

That night was interesting though because Miles slept in the same room as us for the first time since he was under a month old. I woke up at every noise. And he was loud. Lots of rolling around, scratching the mesh siding of the crib, whimpering, etc. In fact, I think I actually fed him an extra time that he didn’t need, but it was easier to feed him than listen to him.

The next morning, Chris entertained Miles while I got ready.


And then he put on his jeans, but commented that they felt kind of tight. That’s because they were mine. Sadly, they look better on his bum than they do on mine.


We spent Friday getting a community tour from a realtor and wife of one of the doctor’s so that we could get a feel for where we might live if we moved there. We also had breakfast and lunch with this couple (and another from the group for lunch only). I was completely lost all day, but we saw some really nice areas. We went out again on our own that night so Chris could see in person some of the neighborhoods he has researched online.

We also went to the mall because I was promised a trip to H&M. Sadly, I did not buy anything. It’s hard when I feel rushed by a fussy baby. But Chris was a good sport and walked Miles around outside.

And finally, on Saturday morning we walked around the city a little bit before getting in the car. I think you can tell from this picture that the architecture is more important to Chris than  his wife and child. Why are we in shadows? Because he made us move over so as not to block the Capitol building.


We really liked Richmond, but aren’t making any decisions any time soon. So stay tuned.


Jennie said...

The one time I went to Richmond I really enjoyed it. I'm sure that's very helpful. You do have to start this search stuff early. Jon found out it can take 6 months to get a medical license in some states so that means you should know where you are going by January. Crazy right?

merathon said...

i am going to laugh about that picture of Chris wearing your jeans for a VERY LONG TIME. . .

i heard that the first impression of richmond is always good, but in reality, it sucks. :)

Kimba said...

Okay, adorable. Seriously, I just love the little guy! And Jenny, you look fabulous, seriously. How come I didn't get any of those genes?

LOOOOOOVE that he put your jeans on! Oh man, totally made my night!

The Jacksons said...

Looks like a fun trip. I had no idea you guys were so determined to stay on the East coast forever. Sad for me, but happy for you!