Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miles: Four Months


I truly can’t believe that I am the mother of a four month old, but alas, it is true. And I really think this past month has been my favorite. Yes, the first month was great because he was so small and precious, and all he did was sleep, but this month has brought so much personality.

We have been working hard on his sleep schedule, and for the most part, it has been working out pretty well. With some inconsistencies. I’m not sure if it has made a difference in his attitude, but it has definitely helped me to feel more sane. I can actually plan things. I can shower at a consistent time everyday. And…I can even…work out! Yes, finally. Occasionally he still wakes up needing to be rocked back to sleep about 15-30 minutes after he is put down, but we’re working on it. I think this next month will bring more crying-it-out.

And he really won’t sleep when Chris tries to put him down to sleep. Really.

I mean all out screaming!! It sounds like torture. But, they’re working on it. It helps that Chris will be home for bedtime all this next month.

Miles has discovered the joy of hands and feet of late. I didn’t think I would be able to tell when he “found his hands,” but it really has been remarkable to watch him progress. All of a sudden, he was scratching at the pattern on his boppy pillow or trying to grab at my face. Which means more manicures for him. He still isn’t very interested in grabbing toys, but that could be because he doesn’t have very many. He much prefers staring at the ceiling fan. Or my face. Or the TV. He really loves the TV. His feet have only been a discovery of the past week or so. They haven’t made it to his mouth yet. Yet.


And what does this love of hands and feet bring?

Drool. Lots of drool.

Another big development is that my little blue-eyed-boy is turning into a brown-eyed-boy. Just the way I like them. Except on my husband who has blue eyes. 

We really love this little guy (who looks like he has blue eyes in this picture).


And if you ever need to see more pictures of this adorable boy, go to my facebook page.

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Kimba said...

he really is adorable, seriously, ridiculously adorable.

and just fyi, i found wy didn't get on a truly set schedule until 5-6 mths, so don't worry if it doesn't come for a bit.

i absolutely love the feet-in-mouth stage. the sucking noise it produces is way better than the hands. :)