Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To Catch a Monkey

Have you ever heard the analogy of a monkey and a trap. It goes something like this: in order to catch a monkey, you need to simply place some food in trap that easily allows an open hand in and out, but not a closed fist. The monkey will clutch onto the food and refuse to let go, allowing you to simply catch the monkey with his hand caught in the trap. I can’t remember what moral goes with the story. It’s not important for tonight’s purposes.

Here’s my little monkey.


Eventually he just tried the old fashioned way.


And yes, those are cargo shorts on my little boy. Where is my baby??

1 comment:

Kimba said...

i bought one of those, but didn't use it much! wyatt couldn't get the food out, and then when he learned how he dumped it. :)

i just can't get over miles' hair. can we talk powell?