Saturday, April 2, 2011

Miles: 11 months

Hard to believe that this time last year, I was still very much pregnant. Still working. Still feeling my baby kicking inside my belly. Still having lots of back pain. Still totally unprepared for the birth. Still able to sleep in on weekends. Still waiting to be a  mom.

And now I have Miles. A little boy. I can’t quite call him a toddler yet because he has yet to “toddle,” but I can’t quite call him a baby anymore.  But as long as he’s still using his binkie, he will retain some definite baby-ness.


Since the weather has been mostly warmer this month, we have been able to sit outside in the grass on lazy afternoons. The first time he touched the grass, he lifted up his arms and curled up his legs and cried for me to pick him up. He did not enjoy the feeling. So when Chris and I brought him out to eat a picnic lunch with us a few weekends back, the blanket on the ground served as a perfect barrier. He did not want to leave the comfort of the soft cotton quilt. That lasted about a day. Now he finds it fascinating.


He is still very happy with his ability to crawl. And he has gained a lot of speed. I have had to change him several times because he gets to the dog’s water dish before I even realize it’s on the ground. I know most people say that when they have kids, their house gets more and more cluttered, but ours seems to be doing the opposite. Don’t get me wrong; this child has plenty of toys, but we seem to be getting rid of everything else to make room for him to crawl around. It helps to have our house on the market, too. It forces me to show some restraint in the amount of things he has.

He’s right on track with the big milestone of playing “pat-a-cake.” Chris indulges him in the song far more than I do. And we’re supposed to be playing peek-a-book, I guess, but I’ll admit that it’s not high on my daily to-do list. He’s also discovered his inner rhythm in the past few weeks or so. I read somewhere that babies are trying to imitate the feeling or being rocked, but it sure seems like he does this “rocking” as soon as music comes on.

Speaking of music, he has finally decided that he is a fan of the guitar. Chris usually plays to Miles after bath time while I am getting him dressed. He is so fascinated by it, that I have to be careful that he doesn’t fall of the changing table in an attempt to get to Chris.

He is pulling up on things now. And all this has changed, really, is that now I know just how dirty my window sills are. Thanks, Miles. One more thing to clean.

March 2011 029

And lastly, I’m not sure what he is doing in this picture, but I thought it was cute. Enjoy.



Kimba said...

that is so true about the clutter! do you have a sliding glass door? i swear those things are of the devil when you've got a toddler on one side and a dog on the other. almost not even worth the effort to clean it!

i realized, too late, that we'd never taught wy ring around the rosie when he was the only one at this little girl's party that didn't know it. oops. :)

merathon said...

can't wait to have this little cutie over in our neck of the woods!

The Jacksons said...

So darling!! I hope to get to meet him someday!!