Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cow + fish = a pleasant (and metal) surprise

Last month, Miles and I met my friend Tara for lunch at a new restaurant  near the mall. I was excited to try this place because it sounded like a perfect combination for me and Chris to try because it specializes in sushi (for me) and burgers (for Chris). I noticed it also offered milkshakes--a sure bet.

Anyhow I ordered a small Philly roll and a super large salad, and when it came, I immediately started boxing up half of the salad for dinner that night. That is until I found a small surprise hiding under the chicken.  A metal bracket. For a second, I was willing to overlook it because Miles’s good mood wouldn’t last forever, and I knew that waiting for a new salad would take a while.

Fortunately, Tara was horrified and kept me from eating around it. We called the waiter over to show him what I found to which he replied, “Do you want a new salad?”

Ummm…really? In his defense, this place hasn’t been open very long, so maybe he’s new at this whole thing.

Next, the owner came over with a very sullen face and said, “I don’t even know what to say.”

To which Tara replied, “I’m glad you didn’t break your teeth biting into a piece of metal?” I love her!

But he felt terrible about the whole thing and very apologetic. He then explained that the entire lunch would be free, and he gave us each a coupon for free appetizers and gave me a $20 gift card.

Fast forward to last night when Chris and I finally redeemed it. We originally thought we would go see “True Grit” at the cheap theater by our house because our friends offered to watch Miles for us. But after thinking about it, we realized that we sit next to each other watching movies/tv in the dark every night. And since it is our staycation, we figured cashing in our free dinner would be a better idea.

It was so great to go to a restaurant, eat a nice dinner, have a conversation, all without having to shovel cheerios in front of Miles to keep him quiet. There was no metal in my food this time, but I’ll admit it, I thought about carrying one in my purse in an attempt to score another free meal. The dinner was great (filet mignon sushi!) and my company was even better (even though he nearly gagged when I made him try my dinner).

Staycation day 3 was a success (even though Chris spent the whole day working). Such is life.

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