Monday, April 11, 2011

We heart visitors!

We were lucky this weekend to get a visit from my cousin Kathy who needed a break from the hub-ub of DC (in her defense, she did not describe it as a hub-ub). Knowing my cousin like I do, I tried to pick an activity that would fit her desire to get exercise even while on vacation. I know, craziness! She also likes to swim “laps” at Lake Powell. So on Saturday, we all packed into the car, and I mean packed, and drove to Crowder’s Mountain. I sat in the back squished between the dog and the oversized car seat for the drive while Kathy sat up front with her legs cramped due to the same oversized car seat.

But after about an hour in the car (and a stop at McDonalds because any drive longer than 15 minutes requires road food), we got to the start of the trail. And although Chris and I had discussed bringing the carrier for Miles, we ended up only having the jog stroller. I still love the jog stroller, but it didn’t survive the rocky paths, so we ended up not going as far as we wanted when we started out.

But still a glorious little hike.

April 2011 017

I feel like I have a lot of pictures of Miles sitting in the grass, but he’s just so cute!

April 2011 020

And here he is with his new teething toy: pine cones.

April 2011 023

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Kimba said...

you do know kathy well! :) and any picture of miles is a cute picture. you girls look hot!