Sunday, April 17, 2011

Storage ottomans are fun

A little over a month ago, I finally got sick of all of the baby toys on the floor and Miles pulling all of the non-baby toys off of the bookshelf, so I brought back the storage ottoman that we had been using in his room.

Most days, I pull out some favorite toys and put them on the floor for him. He has figured out that there are more toys in the ottoman but hasn’t quite figured out how to get them. Although I did catch his feet dangling off of the floor this morning as he was trying to reach something at the very bottom. So cute.

The other day I was watching Miles’s friend Emerson while her mom was sleeping after a night shift, and I pulled out everything for the two of them to play with. But what did they want? You got it. The big, empty ottoman. So I helped them out a bit.

April 2011 001

Can you believe she is two months younger than Miles?

April 2011 002

They stayed in there for over 15 minutes and didn’t get frustrated until I tried to put their friend Joseph in their with them when he stopped by for lunch. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture with all three of them in there.

The next day I made a ball pit for Miles with the PVC balls I bought for his birthday party. But he needed some convincing that it was fun, not scary.

April 2011 006


Kimba said...

so jealous kathy got to hang out with you guys. i do hope lake powell works out!

also, jenny, you are hot. :)

The Jacksons said...

So fun! Tell Miles to stop getting so big!
And you look great, Jenny!!