Sunday, April 24, 2011

My new favorite backpack

Day 4 of staycation started out pretty cloudy, but we were determined to go on a “hike” at a nature preserve not too far from the house. In fact, as we were driving there, we got several drops of rain on the windshield, but it cleared up by the time we arrived.

I’m not sure how big the nature preserve actually is, but there are only about 7 miles of trails total. We set out to hike as long as Miles would permit being carried like a backpack.  Luckily, Miles seemed to enjoy being strapped in and being able to look around.


After hanging out on my back for quite some time, Chris and I switched off the burden of carrying the big ole’ baby. And as soon as we did that, this is what happened.


I know it’s hard to tell, but that child went and fell asleep like that. This meant that he didn’t take a legitimate nap at home. But such is life on staycation.

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