Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

This was the day that I have been waiting for since having Miles—a REAL excuse to take pictures of him in his cute clothes. Yes, I know that I take a lot of pictures of him. Probably too many. But it was nice to not feel silly about it because doesn’t everyone take pictures on Easter Sunday? The silliest thing is that he didn’t really look any different on this particular Sunday from any other Sunday. (I can’t wait to have a girl to buy a new dress for.)

Ideally we would have taken our pictures before church, but let’s be honest, we were running a little late. I didn’t time the washing of my hair appropriately last week which resulted in having to wash and dry it before church (not typical). This always adds more time to my routine. So…we took our pictures as soon as we got home. And Chris humored me on the location and the prop (doesn’t he look so cute with that chair?).


And then, because I wanted the full effect of his outfit to show, I held his hand to help him stand up. He’s not usually the biggest fan of this, but he stood long enough to get my J. Crew-ish picture. Complete with a dog.


And because we don’t yet have a tri-pod for the camera, here are the pictures with Miles and one parent at a time. (And no, I did not buy a new Easter dress. Sigh.)



This is about when he decided that he would need some lunch if we wanted him to pose and smile any longer. Still cute, though.


And when he was supposed to be napping, he instead decided that he wanted to play in the kitchen with the eggs that the Easter bunny brought for him. And one of them even had cheerios in it. So exciting.


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The Jacksons said...

You all look so cute in your Easter get-up!