Sunday, May 1, 2011

Miles: 12 months (yes, we survived a year!)

Today marks a big day in our family because one year ago, we welcomed Miles to the world. It’s strange to think that this time last year we were in the hospital still quite amazed that we had a baby. Really, we were truly amazed that we even made it to the hospital at all. Need a reminder? Read it here.

In the past month, we have noticed a few small changes in personality. Some cute. Some not.

For example, he has grown very attached to his binky and his elephant. We have been using the binky since he was a few weeks old, but since he has started standing up in his crib, he has also started throwing or spitting his binky out on the floor. And then crying or talking until someone brings it back to him. Not cute.

But the elephant that has also been in his crib with him for a long time has recently become one of his favorite things. If I have to wake him up from a nap early, he has to hold onto it for quite some time to adjust to being awake. Cute. We sometimes bring the elephant to church with us in the hopes that maybe he’ll use it to take a nap during his regular time (doesn’t work), but he gets so excited when he sees it come out of my purse. He immediately grabs it and pulls it over his face and holds it there. Double cute.

April 2011 011

Other new developments? No more nursing!! I’ve been phasing it out since he was about 10 1/2 months because I thought it would take longer than it did, so he’s been drinking formula during the day for a while. But I’m now 100 % done nursing. And I don’t miss it at all. Not. At. All. Although I have gained a pound or two that I am blaming on that.

He absolutely loves to be outside. When Chris is home in the evening, he’ll take Miles and the dog outside while I’m making dinner, and this is what they do.



He’s still not walking but is getting much more confident in his standing. He doesn’t need to pull so hard to stand up anymore, which make me a lot less nervous. A few weeks ago I was adjusting the mattress height of his crib and letting Miles crawl around the room while I did it. I was on the last of four difficult screws when he pulled the end table with the humidifier (which landed on my head, drenching me in water) and space heater on it. He of course was bawling because he was terrified, and I just felt so bad for him. So hopefully we’re past that (at least until he tries to climb something).

And we can’t leave the month of April without mentioning where we were when William and Katherine were married. We were here, doing this:


Miles even woke up early to watch. Yippee.

Oh, that’s the other big development. We’re in a sleep transition. What this means is that I can’t count on anything anymore. I think he was trying to get rid of his morning nap, but he’s clearly not ready to stay awake, at least not happily, until 1:00 in the afternoon, so we’re transitioning. I don’t really have a great action plan yet because, again, I’m waiting until after our vacation next week when everything will get screwed up anyway.

Now on to birthday stuff.

Since we are having a very small party for Miles on Saturday, we played it kind of low-key today. We did open up some family presents because it didn’t seem right to wait. Not that he cares at all. I wrapped most of them during his nap thinking that he would like to tear the paper. He didn’t.

We started with some fun “puffy balls” from the dollar spot at Target. We wasn’t sure what to make of them. I think they felt too much like grass.














Then we moved on to a little scooter that doubles as a walker. Neither adjustment were big hits. He’ll have to grow into this.

017 058

And then the big toy from my parents. This boy loves music, so they got him a musical table. Instead of just saying things as it lights up, this table sings everything! And it can be done in Spanish. I’m pretty happy with it right now, but as it goes with any toy that makes noise, I might hate it later.


Is this not the cutest little boy ever?

We are so blessed to have Miles in our family and love him right to pieces. And we’ re excited that his future years he’ll be much closer to family, both my family that will be in Colorado and Chris’s family that will now be a day’s drive instead of a really expensive plane ticket away.

And what does this day really signify? Let me put it this way: I leaned over to Chris during church and said, “Only six more months until he can go to the nursery.”


Kimba said...

happy birthday to miles! i can't believe it either, it just flies! love that pic of him at the table, what a face!

ah, sleep! love the weird phases. i went more by hours in between that actual hours of the day. i think i did the 2, 3, 4 method. two hours in between wake up and first nap, then 3, then four before bedtime. when wy dropped his am nap i did 5 and 5. he's currently in a weird phase and i have no idea really when to put him down so that he'll sleep. he'll often talk and play for nearly two hours at night. drivin' me batty.

yeah for being done with nursing! i was slightly sad for about a day, and then i was totally in love. (minus the awesome benefits of losing weight).

anyway. can't wait to talk more at powell! :)

merathon said...

since i don't have any little boys of my own, i'm allowed to agree with you and say that he IS the cutest little boy ever! i love him!

why is there no countdown ticker on your blog for when he starts nursery?? :)

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Miles! He's definitely cute!

The Jacksons said...

I can't believe you have a one year old!! Too crazy.
He is pretty super cute. I can't wait to someday meet him!!

Erin said...

ah! look how much he loves the music table! he is absolutely adorable! happy birthday miles!!