Saturday, May 14, 2011


Not to brag or anything, but I’m updating the blog while sitting on a balcony that overlooks the ocean. Just sayin’.

We arrived yesterday to Carolina Beach and are having a tremendous time so far. As soon as we got here, we attempted to put Miles down for an afternoon nap, but he wasn’t having it; he knew there were things to explore and people to play with. So we took him down to the beach—did I mention that it’s right outside our window?—for his first ocean experience. This is what he thought of that. (Pay no attention to the pasty, white woman holding the adorable child—she’s working on it).


Granted, the water is very cold this time of year, it being off-peak season and all, but that’s what we could afford. Instead, he thought it a better use of his time to just watch those little waves roll in. You know, keeping guard of his family. A man’s job.


Chris then decided to take him down to chase the waves safely about them. I wasn’t there, but I think Chris managed to get a smile or two from the non-napper.


That is until he decided to test the waters, so to speak.


It wasn’t long after this (a grand total of maybe 20 minutes after we unpacked) that we went back up to the condo and tried napping again—this time successfully. Miles did much better with the sand and the water today (2 whole hours, in fact), but we had forgotten to put the SD card back into the camera before going down to the beach and were too lazy to go back. But with two more days to come, I’m sure we’ll get some more adorableness captured on film.

But stay tuned for the video of Chris feeding seagulls. Only Chris would do something so strange, but that’s why we love him. I suppose.


Jenny and Jesse Clinger said...

Looks like your having fun! If you need company for a while we would love to see you. Just give me a call. We are both working till five mon and tues. And are you leaving tues.? Enjoy the beach! We sure love Wilmington!

Brekke said...

I know you're not bragging, but I'm totally jealous! Looks like fun!