Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birthday song, fail

As promised, here are the very amateur videos of Miles’ first birthday song. The first video is taken by yours truly while I was also trying to put the cupcake (with a lit candle) in front of the birthday boy. Don’t know why I didn’t ask for help. As you watch, you might be confused as to why the singing suddenly stops. Well let me explain: my wonderful husband thought it was dangerous to put a lit candle in front of the baby—like I was going to leave it there without supervision!

And for some reason, I accidentally turned off the camera while being reprimanded by my hubby, but then turned it back on just in time to hear one of our guests say that they hoped we were still recording because apparently watching Chris and I bicker is really fun. And here’s when the video gets really good because I turned it sideways. But let me explain—the camera looks like an iphone and the picture rotates based on the way you are holding it, but for some odd reason, doesn’t actually change the way it’s recording. Silly, I know.

I hope Miles doesn’t hold it against us when he’s older. But I’m sure there will be plenty bigger things that will cause him more trauma than this. Right?

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