Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More adorableness

As promised, we took more pictures of Miles at the beach yesterday. Our previous attempts at sand and sea had not yielded much excitement from the little man, so we had very low expectations for our last outing but were pleasantly surprised when he showed some real promise.

As Chris and I were sorting through our pictures last night, we came across this one and realized that at some point, we learned to understand every little gesture that Miles makes. When we look at this picture, we know exactly what he is feeling. We know the sounds that accompany throwing up his hands. And we know it means how excited he is. (And I’m sorry that all of outdoor pictures are always overexposed. We’re too lazy to figure anything out with the camera that we probably paid too much for).


And because no beach trip would be complete without eating sand, Miles just had to have a taste. It’s better than my childhood habit of eating cigarette butts at the beach.


I think he actually liked it.


Now on to the sea. Miles wasn’t having it until Joseph showed him how much fun it was to sit in a pool dug out by his dad down by the waves. And then I think Joseph wanted to try some of that sand.



And after spending quite some time splashing around, Daddy wrapped him in  warm blanket and insisted that I take a picture of this cute face. Don’t have to twist my arm.


And after a nice dinner out, we needed at least one family picture in real clothes (mostly because there was a swimsuit picture embargo imposed on the entire trip). Not that I hate my body or anything, but I’m super pale. And by the end of the week, there was definitely had a vacation belly going on. So goes life. And motherhood. But it’s all worth it for my favorite men.


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Kimba said...

okay, that is adorable! holy crap, jenny. you guys HAVE to come to lake powell!

also, genius idea on the little pool in the sand. wyatt still doesn't love the waves, and we might have to try this.