Monday, October 31, 2011

Chicken Little

After a much needed Halloween nap, we all headed over to Chance (Chris’s brother) and Rachael’s house to join them and some family and friends for pizza and trick-or-treating. And is always the case when there are so many people involved (five kids, six parents, four grandparents, a girlfriend, and two brothers), we got started on the actual trick-or-treating a bit late. And since this was the last night of our trip, our little chicken was on some major sleep deprivation.

But we were able to at least get a few pictures with smiles.

He did not love when I put him in his costume,  but as soon as we took him outside, he started running.

054 053

  We tried to do one kid group shot before leaving the house, but you know how that goes.


We drove a couple of blocks over to park near the busiest trick-or-treating street that I have ever seen! They had the road blocked off to cars, but I’m not sure a car could have driven through there if they tried. Yes, it was a “rich” neighborhood, but it’s not as if they were handing out king size candy bars or anything; in fact, several houses just had small tootsie rolls. I guess it’s possible that at one time this was the neighborhood for lots of candy and that’s how it became so popular and now they just have to buy ten huge bags of candy just to make it through the night.

Suffice it to say that it was packed. And Miles had no idea what was going on.


I had to hold the bag for him because it was as tall as he was, and he kept trying to go inside the houses, and we had lots of meltdowns. But I don’t think it would be Halloween without those.



Kimba said...

you guys are just adorable, the lot of you! :)

merathon said...

loved that last picture of you, jenny. you are smokin in that orange shirt! next year will be better for trick or treating. and hopefully you'll be in your own legit neighborhood by then!