Saturday, October 29, 2011

Even Pumpkin Patches are Bigger in Texas

We spent a long Halloween weekend in Texas visiting with Chris’s family and enjoyed all of the festivities that come with October. We will not talk about the other reason for visiting that particular weekend. You know, that football game that left us both very upset that we spent money on tickets to watch our alma mater play horribly. But we did get to see the largest HD TV in the world. And one of my old roomies and her husband. So I guess there were perks.

But we spent Saturday morning enjoying a wonderful pumpkin patch that is run out of someone’s large backyard which happens to be right next door to a competing pumpkin patch that tries to entice you in with free parking, but my S-I-L informed me that it was not nearly as good.

Miles got to enjoy some firsts. Starting with his first bouncy house. There were about 5 of them, but this one was designated for children 4 and under, which I was grateful for because these things are crazy dangerous. At least when your kid has never been in one and you spend the whole time worrying that he’s going to get bonked in the head. Like the kid in the back of this picture did.


But Miles really loved it. Until he didn’t.


He also enjoyed his first Hay Ride, which he loved. Until he didn’t. But we got to spend it with some great people.

Like Uncle Colton and cousins Maddox and Vivienne. So cute! The kids, not Colton.


Miles apparently is teething (is that still possible?) and is chewing on fingers again.070

There were lots of things to look out from the hay ride, like horses, cows, and painted cutouts of all sorts of characters (like Elmo).


But the cousins seemed to have a good time (at least we were able to get one pictures that made it seem that way).


***Oh, and those scratches on his face…he took his first big tumble two days before we left home. No biggie.

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