Monday, October 31, 2011

Dallas Zoo

We spent Halloween morning at the Dallas Zoo with two of Chris’s little brothers, and it turned out to be a my kind of trip to the zoo (i.e. there was no one else there). So here’s a smattering of pictures to tell the story of morning.'


“Mom, I don’t care about that gorilla sitting right up against the glass. I’m busy.”


“But I do like this me-sized monkey.”

I guess the cool thing to do at zoos these days is to charge you $5 for some romaine lettuce to feed the giraffes. When we fed them at our zoo here earlier this summer, he didn’t really like them, but this time he was way more into it.


We ended our trip with a visit to the children’s zoo where, along with farm animals for petting, there was a manmade wading creek. He loved it!


And because I just thought this was really funny, here you go:


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Kimba said...

that sign is genius. you guys need to come out when it's warm again, we have an awesome wading creek. wy spent ages there! we'll take the kids and let 'em roam for hours!